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Similar to how we judge individuals, a brand's character plays a big part in how we trust and act toward them. All of the things we look for in significant others and Canada Goose Store friends, we want in a brand – sincerity, reliability, loyalty, truthfulness, consistency, and much more.

These lessons rang true recently for both a person and a brand: Canada Goose Jackets Paula Deen. Marketing and brand management experts are chalking up Deen's recent incident to insincerity – and this isn't the first time. Last year Deen's orchestrated announcement of diabetes Canada Goose Store coincided with a sponsorship deal with a diabetes drug company which came off as insincere and dishonest to many at the time.

The latest allegations about Canada Goose Jackets Sale Deen are troubling in general but are part of a larger insincerity problem of the brand. For the rest of this, there are lessons to be learned:

Canada Goose Store Understand who you are as a brand (beliefs, intentions, etc), and understand that you a brand. As a business owner, your personal actions represent your brand at large. Canada Goose Jackets Align your marketing activity with your brand in an appropriate manner Ensure that your beliefs and behaviors align with your customers as well Sincerity stems from consistency. People and consumers need to trust that you will behave a certain way.

The case of Paula Deen and so many other fallen celebrities serve as good reminders about how to Canada Goose Store interact with the public and consumers and their expectations. For more info, click here